Some kind words from my clients...

"Rebecca was my savior during the early weeks/months of my breastfeeding journey. She was loving, warm, gentle and always available when I felt defeated. She never gave up on me offering all her guidance in positioning and latch techniques. And after 2.5 years postpartum, I am still breastfeeding and it is the best thing I have ever done for my child and for myself! Thank you Rebecca for believing in me and being the best support partner on this journey. You are invaluable!

— Sylvana P.

"I'm so impressed that The Pump Connection got even better. Better in service, time and satisfaction.. The Pump Connection is now a mobile service that will deliver your pump or Breastfeeding gear and professional lactation services, by Rebecca an (IBCLC) right to your front door. She was a godsend when I needed a pump at the last moment. I called her and in a timely manner she had the pump at my door. I cant tell you how convenient this service is to a Mama of two very young kids and not having to lug them around in the car. Thanks so much The Pump Connection I'll always be a costumer". 

— Lilian S.


"Rebecca is the best! She helped make the transition into Motherhood fun and so much less scary :)"

— Briar R.


"My daughter was born 1 month early and was in the NICU for one week. Being that I had prior nursing experience with my son, which was very successful, I had no reason to doubt that nursing my daughter wouldn’t be as successful. My daughter was 2 weeks old and was struggling to gain weight and actually had lost weight. After being told by 2 certified lactation consultants that I had no hope in being able to successfully nurse my daughter due to supply issues, I was absolutely devastated. I was told by our pediatrician that I had to supplement and was given formula. I knew “supplementing” meant that my supply could suffer and that it could hurt the extended nursing relationship I truly wanted with my daughter. I began by having no choice but to supplement with one bottle after each feeding. Just when I thought all hope was gone in the possibility of being able to exclusively breastfeed, I met Rebecca and everything changed!

At the time I was an emotional wreck, and was so thankful to hire on Rebecca to help my daughter and I. Rebecca was so calming and quickly devised a detailed plan to help me. Her plan was very realistic and fit perfectly into my life considering I had 2 older children to care for as well. The goal was for me to be exclusively nursing but the road was long, and at times, an emotional roller coaster. I had people in my life telling me to throw in the towel and stop stressing over it, but Rebecca was right there for me, and I was so thankful she was by my side during this time. Over the course of 1 month, Rebecca helped me to go from having to supplement with a bottle after every feeding, down to 3 supplemented bottles a day, and I was so thrilled! Then the day came that I thought would never come. With Rebecca’s continuous support and help, my daughter was removed from all supplements and was exclusively breastfeeding and gaining adequate weight by 6 weeks. It was an absolute dream come true and I couldn’t be more thankful for Rebecca during what was one of the toughest times in my life. Today I continue to successfully nurse my 4 month old, who is meeting all growth requirements and is thriving.

I can’t say enough great things about Rebecca! If you are finding yourself in need of help, absolutely contact her and you will be so thankful you did".

— Gina A.

"I cannot recommend this service highly enough.

We're probably your typical couple feeling completely inadequate after getting home with our new baby and having trouble feeding. Oh sure, it worked great at the hospital when a nurse would come in and get us situated, but every time we tried on our own, the baby failed to latch, and it just got worse at home. We ended up pumping/bottle feeding for the first two weeks while trying to solve the issue, then realized: we needed an expert.

A number of services in the area offer office consultations, but that was exactly what we didn't want. After all, we had no trouble in the hospital surrounded by nurses; what we needed was someone to help us figure out a plan that worked in our own home - where to do it, how to situate the baby, on what pillows, etc, etc.

Rebecca was incredible. She totally reassured us that we weren't the "bad parents" we'd chalked ourselves up to be, explained exactly what was going wrong, and helped us find a method that, several weeks later, has worked every single time. She called us completely out of the blue over the subsequent weeks to make sure all was still working, and has always been available over the phone to answer questions. That single in-home consultation changed everything.

From one formerly frustrated parent to another, The Pump Connection is exactly what you've been searching for".

— E.A.

"This is the second time I have come to The Pump Connection and I love it.  The first time I came was in 2010 with my first son.  The help was great!  The second time was just last week with my third and Rebecca was great in helping me get into the groove of things once again.  Everyday is getting better all thanks to all the great tips and instruction from Rebecca.  :)"

— Carmen A.

"I'm a first time mom and I had so many questions and insecurities that overwhelmed my breastfeeding experience in the beginning. After finding The Pump Connection I was able to successfully EBF my LO and we're still going! TPC is filled with caring, experienced help, and people who are passionate about what they do. Plus, as if that we're not enough they have great tools and sweet things for your sweet one and your BFing journey".

— Grace H.

"Rebecca is amazing. She is the perfect combination of knowledgeable and friendly. She was easily able to accurately assess the lactation issues my baby and I were having and gave really good advice. She's not at all pushy or judgemental and made me feel significantly better after leaving the consultation. I was so stressed before the appointment, but, got home and started her recommendations and thought, "that was the best $150 I ever spent." I highly recommend Rebecca without any reservations for all of your lactation needs".

— Michelle R.