Looking for a Hospital-Grade Breast Pump?

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Breast pumps can be a wonderful tool for a breastfeeding mother to use! I often get asked the question, "do I need to pump?" The short answer to that question is...no! As long as breastfeeding is going well and you're not going to be separated from baby anytime soon, there really is no need to pump unless desired.

However, there might be some situations where you might consider pumping with a hospital-grade pump. These may include:

  • Separation from baby
  • Building your milk supply
  • Maintaining your milk supply
  • Prematurity or baby in the NICU
  • Feeding difficulties
  • Low milk supply
  • Increasing milk supply
  • Going back to work
  • and more...

Medela Symphony

Term Rates

2 Weeks: ....... $45

1 Month: ....... $65

3 Months: ....... $175

6 Months: ....... $300

*New rates effective March 1, 2018

PLEASE NOTE: All plans are pre-paid. No refunds!


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Getting a breast pump from The Pump Connection is super simple! Click the link to request a pump and I will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know when one will be available. Once a breast pump is available - you review the terms, select & pre-pay your term length, sign the contract, and have it delivered to your door. Yes...it's that simple!

All rental breast pumps require the use of a breast pump kit. Pumping kits sold separately if you do not already have one. 

What's included with the 'Pump Club?'

  • Use of hospital-grade breast pump (Medela Symphony) for the duration of your pre-paid term.
  • Delivery of breast pump to your home. **
  • Pick-up of breast pump from your home. **
  • Set-up of breast pump in your home.
  • Unlimited text support to troubleshoot any breast pump concerns & any pumping/milk supply questions. ***
  • 'Maximize your Pumping Success' e-guide (available Aug '18)
** Delivery & pick up times are scheduled during the hours of 9am-2pm, Monday-Friday. Any times desired outside of this time frame can still be arranged at a location in Granada Hills.
*** PLEASE NOTE: Any questions that require a full, medical-based assessment in order to be addressed are unable to be answered via the unlimited text support service.